Project Restore is a ministry of restoration towards young women and teens in crisis. We accomplish this mission on three fronts: a human trafficking aftercare program called Her Story Girl Rescue,  Community Outreach and an international human trafficking rescue mission in Tanzania Africa.


Her Story Girl Rescue 

Our Her Story program offers  long-term aftercare to children and youth  who have been victimized by  sex trafficking, exploitation and trauma. In our residential supportive home, we provide a safe environment free from distractions where hope and Christ-centered love collide to bring complete healing and restoration.

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Lyndsey’s Place Teen Mom

Lyndsey's Place Teen Mom works with teen mothers and their children in a mentor based teaching program. Our goal is to help our teen moms move forward and break the cycle of teen mom outcomes. We want both them and their children to experience purpose, hope and love. This program is scheduled to open Fall of 2019.


Project Restore Tanzania 

Project Restore Tanzania is our International mission against trafficking and exploitation. Our program offers emergency residential services and basic medical care to women and girls who have been victims of trafficking and abuse.