There is a tremendous need for women services in the Iringa region of Tanzania. Record numbers of young women between the ages of 12-21 are at risk of being raped and becoming pregnant. Both scenarios are often death sentences due to the lack of women's rights in this area. Often times communities and families will seek to hurt the victim due to the belief of dishonor and shame.

Project Restore has teamed up with our founding ministry, Bethel Life of Greenville, PA, along with Bethel Life of Tanzania to address this problem. At the beginning of 2018 we opened our first safe house. We are able to care for 10-12 women and mothers in crisis. Our hope is to eventually open a medical center in conjunction with the our safe house as an additional measure to combat violence against women in Tanzania. Please continue to pray for this mission as we continue to seek God's face for His will with Project Restore Tanzania.