Raising Awareness

50,000 women and children are imported  into the United States each year for the purpose of trafficking. There are 18,000 – 30,000 U.S. citizens trafficked each year... and those are the ones we know about. It is clear that Human Trafficking is not just an overseas problem... It is our problem too. 

Human Trafficking is right in our backyard. According to the Human Trafficking Resource Center Ohio ranks 4th in the number of victims identified through calls placed to the National hotline in 2015. The FBI identified Toledo, Ohio as “the top U.S. recruitment city for trafficking children into the sex industry. Pennsylvania ranks 14 on the list with the majority of its cases located near Philadelphia and Western, PA nearer to the Ohio border. 

Human Trafficking is a huge problem that we can no longer afford to ignore. Let's do something! 

The more we know, the more we can fight this tragedy. Project Restore believes facing this problem.   We do this by engaging our community through outreach and through providing care to trafficked women in our residential safe-house, The Her Story House. To learn more click on a button below.