Her story safe house


Restoring the broken and abused...

Her Story is our human trafficking aftercare and outreach program. Our aftercare is implemented via a long-term residential program  which offers hope and healing to victims of human trafficking.  At our Her Story safe house  women (ages 18 and older) enter a faith-based, individually tailored restoration process that addresses their issues from a holistic perspective.

Her Story is securely located on a secluded 9 acre property. While our property is large, we believe in small residential learning environments. Thus our residential capacity is capped at 5 women. Our residents are blessed with on-site daily support,  a structured schedule that supports them spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

While we are not a child facility, our Her Story program is willing to take 1 woman who is pregnant or has an infant or toddler. Because of the potential of children in the home, we do not take women with a violent history, a history of arson or pedophilia. 

If you or someone you know would like to make a referral to enter our program please click the  bottom below.